Are you interested in reaching our readers? We’d love to work with you! Here are our current advertising options and rates. Please note that these rates are subject to change and not every opportunity is right for us, so we reserve the right to say no to proposed deals. Email us at for more details.

Sponsored Posts on Our Blog

Sponsored posts are clearly marked as such and can creatively promote your brand to our readers. Here are some options for sponsored posts:

  • We’ll write a how-to or tips post that features your product or brand. Rate: $50
  • We’ll publish an “advertorial” about your product (you provide the content). Rate: $50
  • We’ll write and publish an “advertorial” about your product. Rate: $75
  • Video post (you provide the content): $25
  • We’ll post a giveaway for our readers for your product. (You must coordinate shipping.) Rate: $25 + free products to give away

Have another idea? Just let us know and we’re happy to work with you on a sponsored post for our magazine’s blog.

All sponsored posts include at least three links back to your site – one at the beginning, one in the body of the post, and one at the very end as a “call to action”. Posts are 400 – 1000 words (except for video posts) and will include pictures of your product. We promote all of our sponsored posts on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Other Advertising on Our Web Site

We’re always willing to work with potential advertisers. Contact us at to discuss your budget and ideas. Let’s make it happen!