To the start of a new magazine written for the country diva who lives in Wisconsin.

Country Diva is the first community magazine that brings together readers from a special group of women to get acquainted with each other through articles and photos that embrace and honor the country diva lifestyle in Wisconsin, America’s dairyland.

In it, you will find articles that are created not just especially for women who are involved with agriculture but are about them.    Each issue features a local country diva you must get to know.    Each issue is focused on a topic or theme only a country diva can appreciate. 

Country Diva is much more than a magazine. It’s a lifestyle.  It’s real.  It’s down to earth just like the women it is written for.

Issue after issue, Country Diva will be packed with articles and color photos that will inform and entertain.  This magazine is devoted to the country diva’s  needs, interests and dreams.

Core values of Country Diva magazine:

  • Create connections for country divas
  • Embrace the country diva lifestyle
  • Enrich the lives of country divas
  • Enlighten those who aspire to live like a country diva